A new generation of moviegoers is flocking to the theater and getting ready to buy tickets.

    Some may be paying with their own money, but the films they see at the movies have a big impact on the lives of millions of Americans.

    We’re looking at a time in our history when the film industry is a very large part of our daily lives, says James C. Pizarro, a professor of public policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

    Pizarro says this is not just about movies, but about the way movies are made.

    PIZARRO: They’re being made with a very specific and specific set of techniques and methods, and they’re being done in a very specialized way.

    We have very specific tools, and we’re all aware of how those tools are used, but they’re not being used in the way that they should be.

    And that’s a problem.

    Pizzarro says in a recent report he called for an end to the film-makers’ “vast and expensive” lobbying efforts.

    The movie industry is not alone in this crisis.

    In February, The New York Times reported that movie studios and the Motion Picture Association of America are lobbying Congress against a proposal that would ban movies that show violence or that use depictions of sex.

    The proposed ban would also affect all films that feature “sexual violence.”

    The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has also warned lawmakers that movies and television shows that depict violence, including sexual violence, are being blocked.

    In response to these warnings, Hollywood’s Motion Picture Assn.

    said its members are working to create a bill to ban all such content.

    And in an interview with CNN, the president of the Motion Pictures Association of American, Robert C. Zemeckis, said studios want to be able to “take down content, and that’s the end goal.”

    But Pizaro says this bill is more about entertainment than it is about movies.PIZARROS: The problem is, we’re watching our culture change and change, and it’s not just changing in movies, and there’s no question that we are having more and more conversations about that, Pizarros says.

    And he believes the push to ban films with depictions of sexual violence is part of this broader cultural change.

    The problem is that the movie industry, with its money, has spent hundreds of millions on lobbying and it has spent millions of dollars trying to get Congress to do what they want, Pizzaro says.

    Pizzarro’s report says movie studios spent $3.2 billion on lobbying in 2012, which includes more than $2 billion from the Motion Graphics Association, which represents film studios.

    And there are more than 400 movie theaters nationwide, according to the National Film Preservation Board, which tracks movie theaters.


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