Parents and friends of a teenage mother have called on the National Health Service (NHS) to investigate after she posted a video on Facebook last week describing how she had to “take my baby” from her breast during childbirth.

    “It was really embarrassing,” her father, Nick Bowerman, told Sky News.

    “She said to take my baby and it just broke my heart.”

    Mr Bowermen, who works for a pharmaceutical company, said his family was “shocked” and worried for their daughter, who he described as “the sweetest person”.

    The father said his daughter had had surgery for an injury to her sternum.

    He added that while his daughter did not need hospital treatment, she did not feel like she had done her “due diligence” when posting the video on social media.

    Ms Bowermans mother, Stephanie, who did not want to be identified, told the Sunday Mirror that her daughter’s post was “completely out of character” and that it “had nothing to do with her”.

    She said she was concerned the mother would be made to feel “trapped” and “brought down”.

    Ms Bowersman said that the mother had taken the video while “still in hospital”.

    “I think it was really stupid and it was lazy and it wasn’t a genuine situation. “

    If you do something like this and are found to have done it, you should have that investigated and you should be held accountable.”

    The mother, who is not being named, posted the video of her daughter at home in a suburb of Melbourne on Friday. “

    I’m worried that people will think I’m stupid and I’m scared for my daughter’s safety and her wellbeing.”

    The mother, who is not being named, posted the video of her daughter at home in a suburb of Melbourne on Friday.

    Ms S, who has two young children aged four and two, told ABC News that she had a severe case of lactation-related post-partum depression after she was “taken away” by the hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning.

    She said the mother was “very distressed” and was in tears.

    “They told me to get some painkillers, I had to be quiet, I was crying and it took me a while to get through it,” Ms S said.

    “The nurses were really upset.”

    She said her daughter, a student at the University of Melbourne, was “so tired” and asked the nurses to call an ambulance.

    “When the ambulance came they took me to the intensive care unit and they had a CT scan of my stomach and found some damage to the heart,” Ms Boulterman said.

    Ms P, who had also recently had a baby, was also concerned that the video would be shared widely, with her own children being subjected to the same treatment.

    “All these people are looking at this and thinking, ‘What the hell happened to her?

    Why did she do that?'”

    Ms Bouchman said he had not spoken to the mother since her video went viral.

    “What’s the point of her going to her hospital?

    She has done nothing wrong,” he said.

    The mother’s post has been shared over 500,000 times and her Facebook page has more than 700 likes.

    Ms C has also been inundated with messages of support, including from people who have given her money.

    “As soon as the video went live, I felt like the world was coming to a close.

    I’ve already received a donation of $1000,” Ms C wrote on Facebook.

    “Thank you to everyone for the support and love.

    It means the world to me.”

    ‘You don’t have to say anything’ When Ms S posted the Facebook post, Ms Battermans daughter and Ms P’s father were concerned that their daughter would be left feeling “trapping”.

    “You don`t have to give anything,” Ms P told the ABC.

    “You can just say what you want.

    It is up to you.”

    Ms S told the Herald Sun that she was not sure what happened after the video was posted.

    “We don’t know what happened next,” she said.

    She added that the post was shared with her mother and “we’re still trying to get our heads around it”.

    Ms S did not know if the hospital was responsible for the mother’s hospitalisation or if her post had caused her to feel pressured into doing so.

    Ms S said that while she was upset by the video, she was grateful that people had taken to social media to offer support.

    “People were trying to give me support and help me through it, it just took a lot of energy,” she told the newspaper.

    “That’s why I think I’ve done a good job.”

    Ms Boubacher’s post is just the latest in a series of Facebook posts in recent weeks in which mothers have shared personal and family experiences of their pregnancies and the difficulties they face.

    An Australian mother of two


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