A movie forum in the northern city of Koramangla, one of the busiest in the country, has been shut down after a cyber attack.

    The movie forum posted on its Facebook page that the forum was offline due to a cyberattack.

    The forum’s official page says that the “Hallmark Movie Forum will not be available as of today.”

    A similar forum was also closed down in the southern city of Chennai on Monday after the cyberattack, which affected all parts of the city.

    The city’s police confirmed the forum’s closure, and the Koramatra police office in Tamil Nadu posted on Facebook that the post was taken down on the advice of the police.

    The site was the home of the film industry and entertainment, and was a hub for members of the industry to meet and share ideas and information about movies.

    Koramatla Mayor K. V. Ramakrishnan told The Hindu newspaper that the city was “very thankful” for the community support and was taking steps to ensure that no member of the community was affected by the cyber attack, which is yet to be verified.

    The forum has around 2,000 members and is located in the heart of Korat, a small town located in Tamilnadu district of Tamil Nadu, a state where the country’s cybercrime statistics are high.


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