A recent article on the freefly.com forums made some readers’ eyes glaze over.

    It read: “Is Freefly better than Flite?”

    “Freefly is a great platform for web design, but it’s no substitute for professional work.

    Flite does a lot of the heavy lifting for you and delivers amazing results.

    It’s also free.

    That’s what matters, right?”

    The article, which was first spotted by user gazebo, has been up for two weeks and has amassed more than 3,000 comments.

    One person, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote: “I use Flite for web development and web design.

    I was recently impressed with the ease with which the Flite website was integrated with WordPress, allowing me to build the most efficient and effective WordPress website in less than a day.”

    The post has since been taken down, but the original article is still up on the forum.

    Freefly, which launched in March 2014, is one of the few web-based design tools that lets you work on a team of freelancers, rather than just your own clients.

    Its founder and chief executive, Ryan O’Reilly, told TechCrunch that it’s not about getting paid, but instead “getting a job done.”

    “Our platform is the only one that gives you the flexibility and the control to build a custom business with minimal overhead.

    You don’t have to worry about hiring a freelancer, and you don’t even need to pay a marketing agency,” he said.

    “We offer a very flexible business model that allows you to build, manage, and scale your website on your own time, without having to worry whether your business is doing well or not.”

    Freefly is also one of a growing number of “social” platforms that offer a way to collaborate with freelancers and other members of the community, and to share content on the site.

    Its team-based tools are also a major part of the platform’s appeal.

    “As you become more established in your freelancing, it’s possible to hire someone on your team, or someone you know, to help you get things done,” O’Leary said.

    But there’s no shortage of problems with freefly, according to the user on the Freefly forum.

    “It’s just a bad experience for freelancers.

    They’re being charged extra for using the platform because they’re freelancers,” the user wrote.

    “This is bad, and the platform has not addressed the issues that are causing these problems.”

    A representative for Freefly told Tech Insider that the platform is “not designed for freelancing,” and said that they are “working to address some of the concerns” raised in the post.

    “FreeFly is a tool for freelancer creators to easily connect with a network of like-minded individuals and businesses to share, learn, and collaborate,” the representative wrote.

    O’Connor said that while Freefly has a few issues, the site has a long way to go to become a “full-featured, well-maintained product.”

    “We have made significant improvements to the platform and will continue to make improvements to make FreeFly a better platform for freelists,” he wrote in an email to TechCrunch.

    “But there are many things that have not yet been addressed and that needs to be addressed, as we continue to build FreeFly.”


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