Posted February 15, 2018 06:03:28 If you have received an email claiming you have won a contest or promotion at a movie or television website, you can immediately report it to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

    The email is likely to be from Movie Forum, and asks if you are eligible to enter the contest or be promoted.

    The emails usually include a link to the Movie Forum website, which has to be registered with the AACC.

    The AACC says if you do not get a response from the site within two weeks you can report it on its website, and the agency can help you.

    If you received the email in error, you should contact the company directly to confirm the information.

    You can also contact Movie Forum directly.

    If the email is from a company that has a copyright, or if it is from an organisation that has an interest in the contest, you need to report it.

    If a contest is not available in your state, you will need to contact the venue to get the contest.

    If there are questions about the eligibility of the person who sent the email, it is advised you contact the AIC to find out how to contact that person.

    If that person is a member of the AEC, you must contact them.

    You may also wish to contact your local police or Crime Commission.

    Movie Forum has also received several complaints of false emails that have been sent from its website.

    If your email contains a link, the site may ask for a code that allows you to confirm that you are legitimate.

    You need to enter that code in the box at the bottom of the email.


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