The movie industry’s long-awaited response to the crisis of blockbuster failure, The Leftovers, is expected to be released in 2018.

    The film will be directed by Sam Raimi, the filmmaker behind The Wolverine, a critically acclaimed zombie thriller and the Oscar-nominated film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.

    Raimis first received the Oscar for best documentary for his film adaptation in 2003.

    The Leftover will follow a group of survivors as they survive an apocalypse, and the film will tell the story of the people they meet and their struggles.

    RIM CEO and CEO Steve Ballmer announced the news on his company’s website, stating, “We are proud to welcome Sam Ranai to our studios for The Leftouts, a story of survivors and their journey through the wreckage of an apocalypse.”

    The film is set to be produced by Raimios longtime producer David Greenstein.

    Ranais credits Greenstein with helping him make his first film, A Beautiful Mind, and has worked with Greenstein on two other feature films: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and A Few Good Men.

    Ranas recent work includes The Last of Me, which is about the relationship between a man and a dog and was nominated for the best documentary Oscar at the 2016 Academy Awards.

    The leftovers are set to premiere in 2018 and feature a cast including Seth Rogen, Evan Peters, and Matt Damon.

    The film will also include a story line based on the novels by Neil Gaiman.

    The Last is the first movie directed by Ranaias directorial debut, and it will star Rogen and Amy Adams.

    The last film Raimias made, The Last Man on Earth, was a critical and commercial success and Raimiyas first feature film.

    Rami Malek will play the role of a man trying to stay sane after his wife has passed away and his son’s murder.

    In the movie, Raimie and Adams play a couple who move from a rural community to a large suburban community.

    In it, Rami has to deal with the grief and the trauma of losing a son.

    Rima is the son of a Russian-born father and American mother who was raised in Chicago.

    He is the youngest of six siblings.

    Rina Tatar is playing a young American woman who travels to Moscow, Moscow, and back to her family home.

    In the first film of the trilogy, The Boy Who Came Back from the Cold, Rana had to deal not only with his own grief and loss, but also with the loss of his son.

    It was the first time that Raimies film faced critical backlash, as the critics criticized the tone and content of the film.

    The movie also was criticized for its treatment of women, and in its review for the film, The New York Times called the film “not even close to as feminist as some of the other movies.”


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