The video game industry is in crisis.

    With a growing number of 3D movies hitting theaters worldwide, and the advent of cheaper 3D glasses and 3D cameras, movie theaters are no longer a cheap investment.

    But there’s a problem: Many of them are in Kalkaji, a city just outside Mumbai.

    And a city that’s not really known for its movie theaters.

    The Kalkajji Cinema is the city’s newest movie theater.

    It opened on February 23, and is the first 3D cinema in the city.

    It has a capacity of about 1,200 people, with an outdoor seating area and a courtyard that overlooks the city center.

    The auditorium is open for regular movie-goers, but the public can get in free on weekends.

    A few blocks away, the Muthuram Cinema is one of the oldest movie houses in the country.

    Built in 1871, it’s been used by the local Muthulam, the local movie theatre, since 1975.

    And on a recent Saturday, it was packed with moviegoers.

    Kalkajjis moviegoers have been lining up to watch movies for about three months now.

    And they’ve found an audience that isn’t the typical movie-going crowd in Mumbai: the Kalkani people.

    The local Mothim are the oldest people in the region.

    They live around 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Kalkaja, and they are the only ethnic group to have been granted citizenship by the Indian government.

    They have no official religion, and their culture is mostly based on traditional storytelling and traditional foods.

    The Mothims are also known for their love of 3-D cinema.

    The Kalkas are the largest film-going group in the state, with about 20,000 movie-goers.

    They don’t like to pay for movies, and instead rent out the space.

    The cinema has been in operation for the last six months, and so far, it has made about $1,000 a week.

    A portion of the money goes to the Mothi community, who have traditionally served as movie-shops owners.

    The community has been supportive of the cinema.

    A woman, who goes by the name of Muthu, told MTV News, “They have brought us the best of movies.

    I have been here for three years, and I’ve never seen a movie like this.”

    The movie-house owners have been working on the project since they were contacted by a filmmaker who works in Mumbai.

    His name is Nandakumar Ravi, and he’s been working in the industry for the past 15 years.

    He’s a filmmaker himself, having directed several feature films, including The King of the Road, The Secret of the Green House, and a number of others.

    When we first met him, he was in his mid-50s.

    He spoke English with a Tamil accent.

    He told me he is not a regular movie fan, but he has been watching movies with his family.

    He said he has seen a lot of movies in the past three months, but was mostly interested in the latest releases.

    The filmmaker told me that the Moths have been really supportive of his cinema project.

    “They love their movie,” he said.

    He also said that there is a strong film culture in Karkhamsha.

    The first 3-d film he saw, called A Very Short History of Everything, made a strong impression on him.

    “The Moths are a very creative people,” he told me.

    “They are very tolerant, and very happy to see movies from any corner of the world,” he added.

    The filmmaker also told me about the way he works with the Mums, who often come to his film-house to talk about their family’s food.

    “We have a lot to talk to them about.

    And I’m sure they will enjoy watching the films,” he promised.

    So, how did the Mats get into the movie-business?

    According to Nandekumar Rani, who was born and raised in Kalyan, the cinema is the only one in the area that has its own owners.

    “It’s a small community, and we are not allowed to use our land,” he explained.

    “So, we decided to rent it out to the movie owners.”

    The Mums have been able to keep up with the needs of the community for quite a while now.

    They’ve also been able set up an account on the online marketplace for 3-dot movies.

    “Every 3-day period, we get a lot more requests,” Nandikumar said.

    “I’ve also found that people prefer to go to the cinema when the weather is nice, and when the kids are excited.”

    The cinema is an ideal venue for a movie-watching party,” Nandi said.

    She added that


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