The first film to open in New Zealand in 2019, a sci-fi thriller called ‘Sober’ will mark the start of a new chapter for the country’s film industry.

    The film will open on Saturday night in the city of Manawatu, with the first screening in Christchurch at the end of the month.

    A number of films are also set to open at festivals around New Zealand next year, including a thriller called ”Nimrod”, which is due to open on November 23.

    A movie based on the ‘Nimrods’ novel series was also recently picked up for release in Australia and New Zealand.

    The movie is produced by a team from New Zealand-based company Pravin Films, which also produces films based on works by Philip K Dick and Arthur C Clarke.

    Pravin also produces and produces a variety of TV shows in New York City, including ”The Mysteries of Laura’, ”The Originals’, ”Penny Dreadful’, ”Scandal’, ”Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’, ”Chicago Fire”, ”The Sopranos’, ”Grey’s Anatomy’, ”Mama’s Boy’, ”Mom’s Boy”, ”Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, ”Superstore”, and ”Dancing With the Stars.

    New Zealand Film Awards nominations have been announced for the New Zealand International Film Awards and the New York International Film Festival.


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