The film’s box office haul was well below the $600 million expected, according to Variety.

    It was Pixar’s highest-grossing film ever.

    In fact, it’s the only film on the list that doesn’t have an opening weekend.

    That said, Disney didn’t want to risk releasing it in the same theater as Pixar’s hit live-action movie, Finding Dory, which has grossed $1.5 billion worldwide.

    Finding Dury was supposed to open July 10 in theaters, but Disney’s schedule shifted.

    Finding out that Finding Dolly was going to open in July instead, Disney announced a delay.

    The studio announced a new release date on Friday, but the movie’s boxoffice woes weren’t fully resolved until Monday, when the studio announced that Finding Dawn would be released in theaters in July.

    Finding Dawn opened in theaters and at the end of June, it opened at the same time as Finding Doyers, which opened in May.

    Finding Finding DORY is expected to take in about $1 million on Friday.


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