Moviegoers have been lining up for a close-up look at one of Canada’s most enduring icons.

    From the iconic Canadian movie poster to the signature red carpet, Canada’s moviegoing experience is a big part of Canadian identity, with the country’s two main movies often the top grossing titles of all time.

    The movie posters for films like ”Logan” and ”The Shawshank Redemption” have become household names, and the films have become iconic in Canada.

    In a new survey of 2,000 Canadians, it was found that nearly two-thirds of people have watched a movie or a TV show at least once in their lives.

    “It’s not that people just have this film in their house.

    It’s that they are familiar with it and are familiar to it,” said Richard Bouchard, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.

    “It’s a huge part of our culture, a part of what makes us unique and a part we don’t really like to change.”

    In this new survey, the survey also looked at the popularity of television shows, films and the Internet.

    It found Canadians were most likely to see a movie on a TV, and those who watched television had the most interest in movies.

    People who were familiar with a movie showed a higher interest in the movie than those who were not.

    But those who had seen a movie and were familiar to the characters were less likely to have a great time with it.

    “That’s probably because they are so familiar with them that they don’t want the audience to feel like they’re missing out,” said Bouchad.

    He said people with a certain amount of experience in the media were also more likely to get excited about the movie.

    “People who have seen something before, especially in the older age group, are more likely than those with more experience to watch it,” he said.

    The survey also found that Canadians are more familiar with television shows than films, but they are more interested in the Internet than films.

    It found that when it came to films, a third of people were familiar, compared to a third who had never seen a film or TV show.

    And in this age group where moviegoers tend to be older, they were more likely at the end of the day to want to watch the movies.

    The research also found Canadians are much more likely when it comes to getting into movies than the general population.

    Bouchard said he believes this is because of the cultural value of movies, but also because Canadians want to be part of the conversation about the future of the film industry.

    “We’ve seen movies in the past where the characters are portrayed as a little bit more sinister, and that’s where we think it’s going to end up,” he added.

    “But the thing about this is that the future is very much connected to the past.

    The future is really connected to what we see today, so it’s a very good indicator of what is possible.”

    Bouchad said it’s also interesting that, despite the popularity and popularity of the two biggest films, Canada still has one of the lowest numbers of film theatres.

    “There are a lot of other countries that are bigger than us, and we are actually a smaller country than most of them.

    So I think that’s one of those things that really is interesting about this,” he noted.”

    I think we are very aware of the importance of film, and it’s part of how we make a living, but it’s not a big priority for the country.”

    For more information, visit the Globe and Mail website or call 1-800-222-4636.

    For more on the study, see the video above.


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