It’s been nearly three years since the original film, but Fox has finally released a full-length trailer for the fourth film in the series.

    The Lone Gunmen: The Final Chapter, as it’s called, hits theaters March 15.

    The original film had a whopping 8.6 million worldwide on its way to $1.8 billion at the worldwide box office.

    Its sequel, The Lone Wolf, was a massive hit, grossing $1 billion at box office and bringing in $2.5 billion worldwide.

    In the new trailer, director Roland Emmerich reveals that he and the Lone Gunners will be playing the roles of two brothers, who are trying to stay alive in a post-nuclear world, and a woman (Emmerich’s wife, Laura Dern).

    Their son, who they hope will be a future leader, will be voiced by John Goodman.

    The Lone Gunman’s co-star Jason Clarke is also in the new film, with the pair playing a young couple in the desert.

    Emmerch’s original version of the story follows a group of survivors stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, only to discover that the island has been taken over by a mysterious creature that has mutated and turned their children into monsters.

    The group finds a cure for the virus, which was first introduced in the original, but the virus is too advanced for them to reverse.

    Emmanich’s original film follows two survivors of the virus who are desperate to escape and find a cure.

    The two men (the lead roles in the trailer) are played by Tom Hardy and Kevin Costner, while the lead roles of the rest of the Lone Wolf team are played the way Emmerch intended, by Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds.

    The trailer also shows some new character designs and a few brand-new shots, and includes a short trailer featuring Emmerick’s original shot.

    The trailer also has some cool new music that sounds like it was recorded right after the original movie.

    Check out the trailer below:


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