The guide, published by Google, is available for free on the Google Play store.

    It covers everything from the basics to the “magic” of 3D movies.

    Here are the 10 things you need to know about 3D movie viewing, and a few tips for viewing them at home.


    The screen is not a flat screen The 3D display of the Google Glass is different from what you’ll see in the movies.

    Instead, you’ll have a glass lens that bends in the middle, making the screen appear more like a flat-screen TV. 2.

    The movie will look more lifelike The screen may not be as flat as a standard 2D movie, but the image you see on it is almost always lifelikable, Google says.


    You can adjust 3D glasses to fit your eyes 1.

    Make sure you have glasses that don’t distort your vision.

    You should wear glasses that fit snugly around your eyes, rather than having them distort the lens.

    You don’t want to distort the image, which can make it hard to focus on what’s going on.

    You might also want to wear glasses with a “blink and you’ll miss” feature to reduce the chance of blurry eyes.

    2 the screen is wide enough to see all of the characters 3.

    The Google Glass has “a small but powerful” optical camera The screen can shoot 3D images with a small optical camera, which is larger than the one in your regular phone.

    You could get by with a regular 3D camera with a larger lens, but Google says you can’t use an optical camera to view movies on the 3D screen.

    It has a “large and powerful” lens, so you’ll get sharper images.


    3D can’t show all the scenes in the movie 3D shows the background of the scene.

    That can be distracting to viewers with larger eyes, especially if the 3-D glasses they’re wearing aren’t comfortable.

    “You can’t see the full image, so it’s not the same experience,” Google says in its guide.


    You have to adjust the lens The 3-d screen requires you to bend the lens of the Glass, which will make the screen look like a standard TV.

    To adjust the lenses, just pull your glasses down until they’re snug around your face.

    If you’re not used to using a phone to take photos and video, you might want to go back to using your smartphone instead.


    You won’t be able to do 3D with your smartphone or tablet.

    3-axis technology uses an array of sensors to calculate the position of the camera, and the Google glasses have no 3-Axis camera, meaning you won’t have 3D features like tilting the device and zoom.

    That means you can only use the 3DSlens to watch 3D video, Google warns.


    You’ll need a 3D headset to watch the movie 4.

    The 3d glasses can’t display a full movie, so they won’t show every scene in the 3DP.

    You need glasses with 3D goggles for the glasses to work, and you won,ll have to remove them to use the glasses.

    Google says the glasses have built-in sensors that let them “see all 3D scenes in 3DP,” but it won’t tell you what scenes you’ll need to see.


    You will be able see a lot of 3DP, but it will look fuzzy and blurry You won,t be able do any 3D on the glass unless you have 3DP glasses that have built in sensors that can tell the difference between what you see and what you don’t.

    Google warns that it will “not provide a way to control the 3DX with your phone or tablet.”


    You must be close to the 3d screen to see the 3DF images 8.2-inches, 10.5-inches and 16.8-inches are the limits of the glasses The Google glasses are not limited to 2.25-inches or 10-inches by their resolution.

    “If you have an iPhone 5 or above, you will see full 3D content at up to 8.8 inches,” Google explains.

    “The larger the size of your display, the more immersive 3D viewing will be.

    If your display is not able to support full resolution content, you may see partial 3D or only 3D text and images.”

    Google’s guide recommends that you wear the glasses with lenses that are at least 6.5 inches, but this depends on your size.

    “A wider angle lens with a smaller aperture will give you a more accurate 3D image, but you will not be able view the full picture.”

    If you have smaller glasses, you should be able “to view the entire movie in 3DX,” Google recommends.

    “However, if you are looking for


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