You know that feeling of being able to call your family back to help you?

    Well, that feeling is getting a lot more exciting thanks to the latest trailer for AMC’s The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series.

    With the zombie apocalypse having taken over the world, a young boy named Clementine, who lives in New York City, finds herself on the run from the townspeople and the Governor, with her father Carl.

    The show is set in a fictional New York city, with a post apocalyptic future where people are all dead.

    To make things more exciting, The Walking Path has been created using a new technology called the ARG (a term for augmented reality) which allows you to see your surroundings and interact with them.

    It’s like watching a video game where the camera is projected onto a 3D virtual environment, where you can interact with the environment around you, and see the effects that you’ve caused.

    While the game will allow you to move around freely, The Walkers will have you do battle with a number of different groups of zombies, some with weapons and others with simple tools.

    You can also play a series of missions where you’ll have to fight a variety of zombies in various scenarios.

    While there are some new areas to explore in The Walking Road, this isn’t a new game.

    The series first aired on AMC in 2014, and the franchise is now heading to a second season.

    The first episode, “The Governor’s Last Stand”, premiered on May 23, 2019.


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