After years of playing with two of the league’s biggest stars, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the Heat finally got a team of superstars.

    That was a nice start, but it wasn’t quite enough.

    The Heat’s offense, which is now the best in the league, is still the only bright spot in what has been a disappointing season for the franchise.

    James was traded to the Miami Heat after the 2017-18 season, but the Heat won the championship.

    Wade was acquired in a blockbuster trade with the Indiana Pacers and won the title with the Miami Bulls.

    The most interesting part of the team was the emergence of three rookies who have gone on to make a difference for the Heat.

    They are J.J. Redick, Luol Deng and Willie Reed, who together were a combined 14-for-18 from 3-point range and made 20-of-27 from beyond the arc.

    While the Heat have won a lot of games, it hasn’t been without its share of upsets.

    The Heat lost the 2016 NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors, and they lost the 2015 NBA Finals, but won the 2016 World Series and the 2016 NCAA championship.

    All three rookies are coming off of injury-shortened seasons, and it’s fair to say that they’ve shown they can play through them.

    Redicks injuries, Dengs injuries and Reeds injuries all caused him to miss time in the Finals.

    Redicker and Deng are playing at a higher level this season and are starting to get better with each game.

    The three rookies have also made a difference offensively.

    Redick is averaging 25.7 points, 10.5 rebounds and 4.4 assists per game, while Deng is averaging 18.4 points, 12.5 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game.

    Deng has shot nearly 50 percent from the field and is averaging a league-high 28.7 3-pointers per game on 55.9 percent shooting from beyond 20 feet.

    Redicker has shot 57.3 percent from 3 and is shooting 47.7 percent from beyond 18 feet.

    Deng is shooting 48.2 percent from three and is getting a much better perimeter shot.

    Both Redick and Deng have improved defensively.

    Redrick is leading the league in blocks per game (0.82), and Deng is second in blocks (0


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