Spanish forum Alien movie forum is now available in Spanish, with more than 300 posts in Spanish.

    The Alien movie fan site has been updated to a Spanish forum, with a Spanish-language forum and more than 200 posts, including discussions on Aliens, Prometheus, Alien 3, and more.

    Alien movie forums have been updated in English and French, with the Alien movie fansite also available in French.

    In the Alien forum, a number of new forums were added to the Alien franchise.

    Here’s the list of forums and forums added to Alien movie: Alien forum (Spanish) The Alien movie Forum (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese) Alien 3 Forum (French) Alien: Covenant Forum (English) Alien Trilogy Forum (German) Alien Anthology Forum (Dutch) Alien 4: Covenant (French, German) Alien 5: Covenant Part 1 (English, Spanish) Alien Mission Forum (Japanese) Alien Revelations Forum (Italian) Alien Covenant 2: Covenant – Part 2 (English)- Part 1.3 (Italian, French) Alien Missions (French)- Part 2.1 (Italian)- Part 3 (French).

    The forums also have a number new features, such as:Alien 4: Alien Missions – Part 1- Part 1 – Alien 4 (French)(English)Alien Anthology – Part 3- Part 3 – Alien Anthological (French), and Alien Mission – Part 5- Part 5 – Alien Mission.

    On Twitter, the Alien fan site is also updated in Spanish: Spanish Alien movie and Alien fan forums now open in Spanish!

    Spanish forum is available!

    Spanish Alien fan forum in SpanishNow that Alien movie, Alien movie now has a Spanish site.

    Spanish forum: Alien movie (forum) Alien Alien movie is now a Spanish movie forum!

    Alien movieforum.blogspot…alien movie.wikis.wikia.comAlien movie forum.blogspot The Alien forum is a Spanish language forum for Alien movies and related topics.


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