It’s the question that has baffled moviegoers for decades, and has taken on new meaning as new films hit the screens of the world.

    But how much would you want to see again?

    And, even for films that you do want to rewatch, what would you actually watch again?

    BBC News explores the question using research conducted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which aims to understand what makes people want to revisit old films.

    It found that many people will re-watch old films only to see their experience altered by the way they are presented.

    It also found that the longer people watch the films, the less they like them, and that the more they like a film, the more likely they are to want to replay it.

    So, what does a typical re-watcher look like?

    Here are five films you should know about:  Sicario  (2014)The action-packed Sicario is the perfect example of how the film can be watched again, with its wide-open set piece sequences, tense action sequences and unforgettable final battle.

    But while many people are likely to re-view the film again, the film’s creator, Quentin Tarantino, said the movie’s story had to be told through dialogue.

    “The only reason you’ve seen the film is because the story has to be presented through dialogue,” he said. 

    The only thing more painful than watching a film for the first time is watching it again and then seeing it differently,” he added. 

    Kubo and the Two Strings  The third entry in the Kubo and a Half-Human series is a dark and gritty take on Japanese cinema that will likely leave fans in stitches.

    It’s not a bad film, but there’s a bit of a cliched approach to it,” says the Guardian’s review. “

    Kuboa and the two strings is an odd mix of dark and light-hearted comedy and emotional drama.

    It’s not a bad film, but there’s a bit of a cliched approach to it,” says the Guardian’s review. 

    Frozen: A Story So Far The third film in the series, Frozen, is the story of a girl who discovers she can create ice by touching her sister.

    The film is about an all-girl team of scientists who go on a journey to find Elsa and discover that their discovery will change the world forever.

    The trailer for Frozen: A Movie So Far features scenes of a boy who gets ice powers by accidentally freezing a princess, and an alluring blonde princess who becomes the love of the royal family. 

     In the end, the entire plot is about how Anna and Elsa are in love and how the princess needs to be rescued from the ice powers. 

    Taken from Disney’s Frozen franchise, this is the first film that Frozen’s director, Chris Buck, has said he will rewatch again, despite the fact it was made before his sister’s death. 

    In a video posted on the studio website, he said that the film had “definitely” stayed with him, adding: “I’ve watched it many times, it’s definitely a classic that I will re watch again and again.

    It really has to do with the ending.” 

    Trollhunters  A comedy about a band of trolls, Trollhunters is the sequel to 2009’s Trollhunter, the first of the series.

    This sequel is a bit different, however, in that the trolls are portrayed as not just trolls, but real people, rather than animated monsters.

    The plot centres around two sisters who meet when their father, a troll hunter, is attacked by an alligator and left for dead.

    The two women work together to rescue their father and his daughter. 

    Buck said that when he first saw the movie, he thought it was “just a fun little comedy.”

    But when he watched the trailer, he felt that the story was “so much more serious”.

    “It’s a lot more complicated than it seems.

    I think it’s a real, human story,” he told the Guardian. 

    For more on the world of animation, watch BBC Future’s documentary on how animation is changing the way people experience the world, and learn more about the Academy’s research on what makes filmgoers want to relive their childhoods. 

    What’s your favourite film to watch again after seeing it? 

     Are there any films that don’t seem to appeal to you? 

    What do you think of the Academy?


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