The actor and director is on board with the latest release, The Fifth Element, which stars James Franco, Rachel McAdams and Ana Lily Amirpour.

    A film with an A-list cast and stars like George Clooney and Tom Hanks, The 5th Element was originally planned to be released in December, but Carpenter said that wasn’t happening.

    “We have a lot of stuff that’s going to happen and we’re going to do the next one,” he said.

    While it’s unlikely the movie will get made this year, Carpenter said the director is looking forward to the new release, which is currently in post-production.

    Carpenter has directed at least one other film this year.

    He directed the horror comedy Night of the Living Dead II in October, but he had to cancel the shoot due to illness.

    He directed a new version of The Dark Tower in May, and he is also working on a sequel to the 2007 cult film The Exorcist.

    For his part, Carpenter is very excited to be a part of the new film.

    The Fifth Element is a story of a young woman (McAdams) and her father (Cooper) who are abducted by a powerful entity, a man who seeks revenge for a series of murders and murders, which has haunted them since their mother’s death.

    It opens in theaters March 11.


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