Posted September 21, 2018 09:08:33Amazon has introduced the new MoviePass review system to help reviewers with their reviews of movie theaters.

    The MoviePass feature is designed to let reviewers review a movie in its entirety, and can provide a review score of up to 80% for a movie based on reviews from more than 10,000 users.

    The feature is available in the following theaters: AMC Theaters, AMC Cinemas, Cinemark, Cinemax, AMC Outlets, Cinemaplex, Cinemarks, AMC Resorts, AMC SuperValu, AMC Waterfront, AMC Village, AMC Playhouse, AMC Theatre, AMC West, AMC Tower Theater, AMC Theater, Arlene Schnitzer’s Theaters and Arlene’s.

    It’s not yet clear whether Amazon will use this feature to give users access to reviews at theaters that have yet to open.

    The feature is currently available to moviegoers at AMC, AMC Entertainment, AMC Studios, AMC Theatres, AMC Movie Metroparks, Cinemacon, Cinemacenter, Cinemavideo, Cinemastores, Cinematheque, Cinemabox, Cinemagroup, Cinemass, Cinemas Theatras, Cinematec, Cinematix, Cinemazone, Cinemashop, Cinemascope, Cinemasec, CinemaBox, CinemaScore, CinemaMovies, Cinemamix, CinemaMax, CinemaPixar, CinemaPro, CinemaVue, CinemaServe, CinemaVeritas, CinemaVision, CinemaX, Cinema, Cinemagic, CinemaTripAdvisor, CinemaWatcher, CinemaWarner, Cinemarynte, CinemaWest, Cinemix, Cineplex, Cinematics, Cinemedia, Cinemegroup, CinemaMaster, CinemaZone, Cineminix, Circo, Cinemino, Cinema4Ever, CinemaOne, Cineminex, Cineminerati, Cinemimix, Circle Cinema, CinemaPlex, CinemaPlay, CinemaPress, CinemaShoppe, Cinemium, CinemaStar, CinemaStadium, CinemaSatellite, CinemaVideo, Cinematica, CinemaWire, CinemaWeek, Cinemomedia, CinemaWatch, Cinemus, Cinemwatcher, Cinemy, Cinemawatch, Cinemz, Cinemo, CinemaZoom, Cinemaplex, CinemaWeb, CinemaWorld, Cinemazoom, Cinemys, Cinemazone, CinemaNow, CinemaTime, CinemaTV, CinemaWorks, Cinemax, CinemaUp, Cinemaxtra, CinemaTwist, Cinema2, Cinema3, Cinema360, CinemaBook, CinemaHome, CinemaLite, CinemaMovie, CinemaPass, CinemaMobile, CinemaStation, CinemaSpark, CinemaStars, CinemaTube, CinemaStudio, CinemaCinema, Cinematisource, CinemaStream, CinemaWiFi, Cinema-Davison, CinemaAvenue, CinemaBeijing, CinemaB, CinemaBerlin, CinemaCambridge, CinemaCity, CinemaCaracas, CinemaCentro, CinemaDel Rio, CinemaDelta, CinemaDetroit, CinemaFujian, CinemaGuadalajara, CinemaGatineau, CinemaHarvey, CinemaHonduras, CinemaIndonesia, CinemaKuala Lumpur, CinemaLondon, CinemaLas Vegas, CinemaManila, CinemaMexico City, CinemaMonterrey, CinemaMontreal, CinemaNairobi, CinemaOslo, CinemaPeru, CinemaPortland, CinemaQatar, CinemaRio de Janeiro, CinemaSan Juan, CinemaSeoul, CinemaSingapore, CinemaSpain, CinemaTaiwan, CinemaTokyo, CinemaUlsan, CinemaVictoria, CinemaYokohama, CinemaZero.

    The features are currently available in select theaters and are currently in the process of rolling out to all participating theaters in the United States.

    Amazon is also offering movie theater chains an opportunity to offer additional theaters for customers to use in the coming weeks and months.

    The MoviePass system is designed for moviegoers to review theaters at their own discretion.

    MoviePass is a new service that Amazon says will help consumers review a theater in a personalized manner.


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