Anihhhhiland, a new movie forum featuring films and television shows that have become the subject of online controversies, has closed its doors.

    The movie forum’s owners announced on their website that they have closed the doors to the site after nearly a year of operation, citing the impact of a string of controversies that began in late 2017.

    Anihhhhillem was a forum that helped people create and share stories of movies and television.

    Its website had more than 200,000 registered users.

    The forums, which had existed for several years, had also raised issues with their administrators.

    The site’s administrators said that the forum had been hacked, and that they were forced to shut down the site.

    The announcement of the site’s shutdown comes a few days after a federal judge in Virginia blocked a similar petition seeking to block a similar movie forum.

    The petition, from the Southern Poverty Law Center, alleged that Anihhhiland and other similar sites promoted hate speech and that its operators violated the First Amendment.

    The SPLC sued the operators of the forum and its owner, Anihhillem, last year.

    Anikahhilm was the name of an Illinois-based company that made a movie called Anihhhhhilation that was about a family that travels to an island where a child is being abused.

    The company was sued by the SPLC and the U.S. Justice Department, alleging that Anikahhhhhilm promoted hate in violation of the U,S.

    Anti-Discrimination Act.

    Anikhhhhhilms parent company also was sued in federal court in Illinois.

    The SPLC said that it would continue to sue Anihahahilm and Anihahhillems operators, but that it was unlikely that any of the cases would be successful.


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