A new forum site launched on Monday to help fans find the best movie collections on the Internet.

    The forum, called MovieCollectorz, aims to help users find their favorite movies, TV shows, and other movies on YouTube and other platforms.

    The website is a combination of a forum and a dedicated collection site.

    The MovieCollectors Alliance, a group of movie collectors who formed the forum, said the site is an extension of the group’s efforts to help people find movies that are out of print, or that have been lost.

    It aims to bring movie fans together to discuss the movies they like and find other people who are as passionate about their favorite films as they are about finding new films.

    The site was launched in January, and it’s expected to become even more popular with each passing month.

    The Alliance plans to expand the site with more movies and add more categories, such as “Best of Shows,” “Best TV Shows,” and “Best Movies.”

    It’s unclear when MovieCollecting.com will launch.

    But the group hopes to launch it by the end of this year, with plans to continue to expand its collection with new films as new collections are created.

    _____The New York Times reported that one of the first things it asked its readers to do was sign up for a MovieCollects.com account.

    The service charges $4.99 a month to access the site.

    It says its users will receive a notification when a movie is added to the service.

    A search of the site on Monday showed that the site had more than 3,200 users.

    MovieCollectives.com, which also offers other services for movie collectors, said it has received more than $3 million in new donations from users.


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