Byron Lee, founder of Shanduckart Entertainment Company, said that the Shandiniku theater will open in 2018, with a capacity of 2,500 seats and a seating capacity of over 3,000.

    According to Lee, the theater will feature “a mix of classic Japanese movies and foreign movies from Japan, including some western films.”

    Shandinkan is a Japanese language name that translates to “Japanese-style.”

    Shandinku’s site says that Shandokus will feature an anime theater, manga and manga-themed games, anime-themed cafes, a manga-inspired cafe, a “special place” where people can meet and talk, and a cafe with “an eclectic menu of delicious, unique foods” that will also include a “small bar.”

    Shanghai Shandu Theater, Shanghai Shandun Cinema, Shanghai Taobao Movie Cinema, and Shandang Movie Theater are all being developed in China, and are the only Shandins in Shanghai.


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