The Montreal Police Service is to award more than 200 police officers with the prestigious Order of Canada.

    The awards will be presented to officers who responded to the March 19 shooting death of 22-year-old James M. Killeen at the La Cordeille theater in Montreal.

    Police Chief Philippe Pichet said that while there is no immediate explanation for the shooting, he believes it was a case of domestic terrorism and that the shooter is believed to have killed himself.

    Police arrested Killeens girlfriend, 24-year old Marie-Claude LeBlanc, at the scene and have charged her with attempted murder.

    The prosecutor has not yet decided whether to charge LeBlac with a second offence of attempted murder, or if she is considered a person of interest in the investigation.

    The Montreal police chief said he has been working closely with his counterparts in the Canadian military and the International Criminal Court in the Hague to ensure the highest standards of policing are upheld.

    The award is the highest honour for officers who have served under the Public Integrity Unit, which was established in 2013.

    It was created to award the police officers for their professionalism and dedication to duty, which include, among other things, their service in providing law enforcement and intelligence services to the public.

    Killeen was killed when he was confronted by two men in the theater.

    The victims’ families and the families of other victims will receive the awards in a ceremony to be held in Montreal on May 25.


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