Trump delivered his speech on Friday morning, his first as president, to a large group of Latino supporters at the Tucson Convention Center in Arizona, the country’s third-largest Latino population.

    Trump was interrupted several times during his remarks by shouts of “No more walls,” and “Build the wall.”

    At one point, the crowd booed the president, who was later escorted out by Secret Service agents.

    Trump said the United States is the “biggest debtor in the world” because of the country of Mexico, which he has called a “rogue nation.”

    The president also said that the United Kingdom should withdraw from the European Union and renegotiate its own trade agreements.

    The president’s speech was the latest of his five-day tour of the U.S. He has been criticized by many in the Hispanic community, who say his remarks were overly negative and offensive.

    In the past, Trump has often spoken of the need to build a wall along the U: southern border, to stop illegal immigration, to increase border security, and to close the U-1 visa program, which allows foreign workers to enter the country for certain occupations.

    The border wall has been a key issue in the Republican presidential race, with Trump saying the U.-1 visa is “not fair to us” and that Mexico “would have to pay for it.”

    In the speech, Trump did not mention a recent border surge, which some experts say has been the primary reason for the surge in border apprehensions.

    He also didn’t mention his controversial decision to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the U., or the U’s recent move to increase the number of refugees admitted into the country.

    Trump has said he is open to negotiating trade deals with other nations and is open for more immigration.


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