A new article about how to spot and recognize incest in popular films has shed light on what people often think is wrong with incest in the first place.

    A study published in the journal “Sexual Behaviour and Social Norms” by a team of researchers at the University of Sydney found that the most common way people thought it was OK to have sex with their siblings was to pretend they were married.

    “People have been raised to believe that the sexual behaviour of adults is the same as that of children, and that a couple can and should do what they want to do in the bedroom, or whatever else,” the study’s lead author, Jennifer Linton, said in a statement.

    “But when it comes to kids, it is actually the opposite.”

    In other words, if you have sex and your parents aren’t around to see it, you can’t have it.

    The researchers, led by psychologist and sexual health educator Anne Tait, examined data from 1,400 heterosexual male and female participants.

    The survey revealed that the overwhelming majority of respondents thought incest was OK when done by someone who wasn’t their biological parent.

    In fact, nearly three-quarters of the respondents thought it should be legal for parents to have consensual sex with children, as long as the child didn’t have a legal guardian.

    However, there was one surprising revelation.

    More than half of the participants thought it would be OK for their parents to take the child on a date, and a whopping 80 percent of those who thought it might be okay also thought it is OK to take them out for drinks.

    “Our research indicates that when it’s done by an adult, it’s actually OK to do it,” Linton said.

    “However, when it is done by a child, it will be very difficult to prove, and it’s not always easy to prove that it’s OK.”

    “For some, it may feel like it’s wrong to do what their parents are doing, but for others it can be quite empowering and can be a really positive experience.”

    “When it comes down to the question of consent, we found that many parents are just being honest and telling their children that they don’t mind if they do things like that.”

    The study also found that when respondents were told about the “implied consent” of their peers, the response rate of those in favour of their partners having sex with the child was almost three times higher than the rate of people who disagreed.

    But the most surprising finding was that parents were also far more likely to have an explicit sexual relationship with their children, with over a quarter of parents admitting to having had sex with a child at least once.

    “It’s very surprising to think that parents who have sex openly with their kids are also sexually active and engaging in a sexual relationship,” Lenton said.

    The study found that one in three parents who were in the position of authority over their child said they had had a sexual experience with their child at some point, and over two-thirds of parents who said they would rather their child have a “sexually exclusive relationship” than one that was more intimate.

    It is important to note that this survey did not have a focus on what happens in a relationship between adults and children, but what happens when a child is taken on a day trip.

    “This is an example of how people’s attitudes to incest and sexuality can change over time, as children are more comfortable around parents who are sexually active,” Littons said.

    “We can learn from this study and take it to the next level.”

    “Sexuality and sexual orientation have evolved in different ways in different cultures, and we can all learn from it.”

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