New wave of dark, brooding and brothels have emerged in Kerala and the state has a growing number of people wanting to explore new territories.

    In the past two years, more than 1,200 websites have sprung up, ranging from sex shops to brothells, from erotic massage parlors to sex tourism, as more people seek out dark and brothel-like spaces.

    The first to open in the state in 2016 was the ‘Dark City’ in Ernakulam.

    Its a popular brothel with a wide range of clients, from middle-class people who pay around ₹10,000 ($726) a month to those who have to pay ₂200 ($2,300) a night.

    “Dark City has been doing business since 2014,” said Muthukumar, who opened the dark-web hotel and brook-bath called the ‘Nightmare Club.’

    He said the number of sex shops in the area has increased and it is difficult to keep track of the locations.

    A large number of dark-sporty hotels have opened across Kerala in the past few years.

    As per the government’s brothel register, the number is around 60 and the hotel industry in the city is estimated to be worth more than ₼4.5 billion ($8.9 billion).

    “We are trying to expand our business, but there are also many people who want to stay home and work from home,” he said.

    There is a brothel called ‘Nababayabhoomi’ in Bandra-Mysuru.

    It offers sex services from ₤300 to ₶600 a night, and a hostess is paid ₱50 ($7.20) per hour.

    It also has a sex tourism section, which attracts women from around the country.

    At a different hotel, ‘Bravo Bar,’ in Bandaranaikal, a hostesses and other staff make about ₑ200 ($4.40) per night. They pay ℹ10 ($5.80) per minute, and their hourly rate is ₘ20 ($3.50) per sex act.

    This is a business that has been flourishing for years, said Bala, who runs a brothelling business in Kottayam.

    The brothel has more than 40 clients.

    “Many of them come here for a night out and then go home,” said Balsam.

    Some of these hotels are owned by the same family.

    Bala, 40, said he and his family are regulars at the hotel and they pay ⅓ to ⅛ a room.

    He added that he is not afraid to offer his services to other people.

    “They are more worried about their own security than about the safety of their clients.

    I have no idea why they have opened up.

    The customers are not afraid of my presence,” he added.

    Another dark-sphere brothel, ‘Veechasanahalli,’ has opened in Bandavatnam, near Ernakur, a few days’ drive away.

    The hostess makes ₓ300 ($5) a day.

    She also pays ₕ70 ($9) per session.

    “We have about 300 clients,” said the hostess, who is a married mother of two.

    She declined to give her name.

    She said that when she opened up the hotel in the early 2000s, it attracted customers from all over the country, including the US.

    But now, the brothel is shut down and the owner has to take care of the guests.

    “I have to keep a strict vigil on the business.

    Sometimes I have to ask customers to stay with me,” she said.

    “This business is dying off.

    There are many other dark places in Kerala.”

    For now, it seems like people want to be the first to discover these new territories, she added.


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