“The title of the series is ‘Caught Fire’ and it’s a show that I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time,” he said.

    “I thought it was a perfect fit for our times and the series has been very successful in the UK and we are excited to be able to continue it.”‘

    Catch Us If You can’ – a new series of RTE shows in 2019, on the BBC iPlayer, starts on Sunday.

    The first of the new shows, ‘Carry on’, is due to air in the US in 2019.

    “The show is very much rooted in the idea that people in the modern world have been living in fear of something happening,” he explained.

    “It’s an interesting story of people going about their day and thinking that something is going to happen and that they’re going to be caught by a meteor and they have to get on with their day.”‘

    Firestorm’ – the new BBC drama series will debut on the iPlayer in 2019The series, which has a cast of more than 20, will explore the events of the firestorm that ravaged New Zealand’s south in 2018.

    “We’re excited about the opportunity to be a part of a new wave of storytelling and it will be great to work with some of our favourite writers and actors from our past,” said producer and showrunner Mike Kettley.

    “Mike is a big fan of the show and we’re looking forward to seeing him take his show from concept to production.”

    The new series is the first of two RTE dramas in 2019 to premiere on the TV schedule.

    ‘Firestorm’, based on the book ‘The Firestorm Saga’ by author and broadcaster John Cairncross, will follow the exploits of the town’s residents, including the chief fire captain, who has been the most outspoken against the fires.

    The second of the two series, ‘FireStorm’ by writer-director Michael Loughlin, will focus on a group of New Zealanders who are determined to stop the fires, including a young boy who has just returned from the Middle East.

    “Firestorm is about a young Kiwi girl named Maggie, who’s just been brought back from the war,” said Kettle.

    “Maggie’s been given the job of protecting the town from the fires in a desperate attempt to stop them from spreading.”

    Her father is a fire captain and he’s trying to protect his town, but he’s got a plan that’s going to take a lot of time.

    “The BBC’s iPlayer will launch on Sunday with new episodes of ‘CATCH ME IF YOU CAN’, ‘Catches Fire’, ‘The End of the World’ and ‘The New York Times’.


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