The first half of the month has seen an array of new movies in Telugu cinemas, but there are still some classics to look forward to in the second half.

    Here are our picks for the best new telugu movies this month.

    Telugu movies are usually released in Hindi and English.

    The first half is a little slow, with many movies coming out before the summer season and only a handful coming out during the autumn.

    There’s a good mix of movies released over the past few years, with some that were released before the start of the telugu season but which are released now.

    Here are our recommendations for the top 10 Telugu movies to see in 2017.


    Kajalagiri (2012) A new director, Sridharan Kajalsangalam, takes on the role of a wealthy businessman who gets trapped in a mysterious hotel and becomes entangled in a mystery mystery.

    Kajalsampiras film follows a young woman named Piyush and her family in a rural village in Maharashtra.

    The story follows the lives of two brothers, Aamir (Babaksh Singh) and Bhuvneshwar (Bharat Ram), who are also married to a wealthy couple.

    Aamir and his brother are living their lives without knowing that they are actually trapped in the hotel.

    The brothers are constantly harassed by the guests of the hotel, and eventually, their lives get complicated.

    Piyush is a very interesting character in this film.

    He is the only one who does not get trapped in hotel rooms.

    This makes him very interesting for many viewers, because he is not a typical character.

    His problems are not with his family or friends.

    His troubles are with himself and the hotel where he lives.

    This character is not the typical kind of character.

    It is a good idea to watch this film with your family, as you will get to see a lot of emotions in this movie.


    Kaji (2014) Kaji’s film Kaji, which is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Raghav Bahadur Shukla, is about a young man who has a relationship with a young girl.

    The film has an unusual setting.

    It’s set in a suburban town in Kerala.

    The two protagonists meet each other in the middle of the day and they have a relationship which lasts for quite a while.

    The relationship between the two characters is very emotional and it is one of the most emotional and suspenseful films in Telangana cinema.


    Prakash (2016) Prakash is a comedy based on a book by Satyajit Ray.

    The plot follows a poor farmer whose son’s mother, who has recently passed away, is being treated as a corpse.

    The son’s family wants to make a documentary about her death and so they come to see the film in the film house.

    The father, a retired army officer, is also in the house for the film shoot.

    Praveen, the farmer’s wife, has an encounter with the father who is about to commit suicide.


    Bhajapuram (2016.1) This is a romantic comedy about two brothers who are living in a small town.

    The couple, who are friends of the couple, are very close to each other and their relationship is very stable.

    The movie follows the two brothers as they meet each day and have a few encounters.

    The characters in this comedy are very good.

    They have great chemistry and the comedy is very lighthearted.

    The main thing that sets this movie apart from other romantic comedies is the characters.

    It has a strong female character who has been raised by the main character and she plays a strong role in the story.

    It is very enjoyable.


    Rajagopal (2015) Rajagopal is a Telugu comedy film based on an autobiography of the author.

    It follows a middle-aged man and his younger son who are growing up in an affluent family in Mumbai.

    The young man becomes involved in a case of murder and tries to help his son, but he ends up in jail and the younger son is killed.

    This leads to a huge scandal.

    The younger son gets into trouble and the police begin to suspect him.

    Raja has an interesting story and a very clever plot.


    Raga (2015.1/2016) Raga is a love comedy that follows two middle-class women who fall in love with each other.

    They fall in a relationship, but it is a marriage.

    It centers around the relationship between Rani and Sangeeta.

    The love story of the two women is very interesting.

    The relationships between the couple is interesting and it has a very strong and interesting female character.

    It also has a good plot.

    This movie is a must see for lovers of love stories. 4. P


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