The Sport, the official movie forum for the Disney Channel, is set to release a list of the Top 50 Best Movie Stars of all time this week, with some of the names you’ll be familiar with on this list already having made the cut.

    The site’s ranking, which is based on the amount of votes a user receives on the site, is determined by a formula based on “how many people voted for a movie they liked, and how many voted for movies they don’t like.”

    That’s a lot of voters, and it’s something the site isn’t able to do with every movie on its list.

    The site is only able to rank movies by votes received, which it says is “more accurate than the average user.”

    To be eligible for the Top 100 list, a movie has to have garnered at least 5,000 votes.

    If it does that, the site will rank it.

    As with any ranking, the Top 20 movies will have a slightly higher likelihood of making the list than the Top 5.

    In addition to the Top 10, the list includes the Top 40, Top 20, Top 5, Top 10 and Top 15.

    Those movies are also based on votes, so there’s more than a 50/50 chance of them making the cut at this point.

    That’s why the Top 25 is so important, as it gives a sense of how many people actually liked each movie, how many actually voted for it, and who really made the list.

    So here are the Top 15 movies on the Disney channel’s list, ranked from most to least popular.

    If you haven’t seen any of these movies yet, make sure you do.


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