The Grand Budapest Hotels franchise is still in development, and the cast and crew have been busy filming a couple of episodes of the new season.

    However, we still don’t know when we will be able see The Grand Hotel, the series adaptation of the novel by Hungarian writer György Lukács.

    This will be the third time the movie has been made, and it was announced back in November that it was in the works, but that it would be released in 2018.

    This year, though, it seems that the movie will finally get its big screen debut, as the Hungarian Film Institute announced on its official Facebook page on Tuesday that the film will be screened in Budapest on March 26.

    The film, which is a collaboration between Lukác and Hungarian film studio Cinéma International, will be shown at the “Péter Gábor, Székesfehérgy Párás, Szabadság” theatre on the main square of the city.

    This is a relatively new project, as it is not a Hungarian film in the traditional sense, and its creators are from Slovakia.

    The first two installments of The Grand Casino were released in 2009 and 2010, and we only saw glimpses of the film in Budapest during its first theatrical run.

    It is unclear if this film will make it to theaters outside of Hungary.

    It will also mark the second time that Lukázács has directed a Hungarian-made film.

    The other one, a TV series, was made by his son, and is set in a small town called Bessarabia.

    The new film, however, is expected to be a much more ambitious project than the other two, with Lukás set to direct a number of characters from the book, including the mayor of Bessara, the protagonist of the second episode of the TV series and a character from the film.


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