The next Batman film, which is scheduled for a June 2018 release, will be directed by the man who wrote the original comic book series.

    Tim Burton, who was behind Batman Forever, Batman and Batman Returns, is directing Batman: The Killing Joke, which hits theaters June 20, 2019.

    The movie will be the first Batman movie since The Dark Knight Returns, in 2005.

    In The Killing Joker, Batman, Selina Kyle, Bane, and Bane’s brother, Joker, must fight their way through a criminal underworld that has been turned upside down by a mysterious drug called the Joker’s Poison.

    This new movie is going to be darker than the first one.

    “I can’t wait for this one,” Burton told Entertainment Weekly, noting that he has “been in discussions with a number of writers” to write the next film.

    Burton is a huge fan of Batman.

    He was the one who suggested the idea for Batman Forever when he was writing The Killing Kicks, which was the second installment of the Batman comics.

    “Batman is a character that is all about hope and adventure and, at the end of the day, justice,” he told EW.

    “So, that’s one of my goals.

    I want to make sure that when I’m done with Batman, that the character’s story doesn’t go the way that he was intended to go.”

    The Killing Jesuses debut on June 20 and will be followed by the upcoming The Killing of Bruce Wayne, which will premiere in 2019.

    “The Batman franchise has a great history of being a source of inspiration and inspiration for young filmmakers, so it was a perfect opportunity for us to work with the amazing writers of the original trilogy,” Burton said.

    “As always, I look forward to working with all of the writers of The Killing Batman to deliver a great Batman movie for the fans.”

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