The most recent Bollywood films released were all released in December, meaning that the next few months will see the release of new movies.

    Here’s what to watch out for this year.

    November: The Golden Days: The first film in the Golden Days series was released in the UK in December 2016.

    It follows the adventures of a young boy who is drawn into a fantasy world called ‘the Garden’.

    This is the first time that the films has been released in a western country.

    It was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

    November 3: Bharat Mata Ki Jai: This new film is a continuation of the first film. 

    The film follows the lives of two characters from a different time in India’s history.

    It tells the story of the Indian revolutionaries who overthrew the British in 1857 and fought to bring freedom to the country.

    November 8: Kamal Haasan: In this first Bollywood film, the lead character, Kamal Haasans, is a young Indian actor who plays a role in the first Bhopal disaster.

    He is portrayed by actor Amrinder Singh. 

    He was the first Indian actor to win an Oscar. 

    November 16: Vijay Kumar:  This is the second Bhopally film, released in October 2017.

    The film follows an Indian boy who travels through the Himalayas to escape the wrath of a group of evil people.

    It is the story about a boy who grows up and is taken in by a group called the Shrivers, who take him to an unknown land to live out his childhood fantasies. 

    December 6: Shaheen: Siddharth Mukherjee stars as Shaheen in this Bollywood adventure. 

    It is the last film in a long line of Bollywood dramas that will be released this year in the United Kingdom. 

    This film is the only film to feature a Muslim protagonist. 

    February 13: Fata Morgana: Gopi Bhatt’s first film released in India. 

    Fateh Shahzad stars as Fata Morgan, a young woman who has been kidnapped and taken to a remote village where she is trained in the arts and crafts of a famous painter. 

    She is rescued by her father, who teaches her the art of painting and makes her his muse. 

    May 6:  Rasam Bhatt: A remake of the Bollywood classic Rasam. 

    Rasom’s parents have been killed in a car accident and she has to escape from a small village to find a new family to raise her. 

    March 3:  Niloferthu: Nilor is a child who has a dream to one day become an actor. 

    Her father is in a coma and her mother is dying of cancer. 

    Nilanthu is a beautiful and talented singer who dreams of becoming a star. June 3:   Araabheera:  A romantic comedy that stars Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Rakesh Rana and Salman Khan. 

    After a night of drinking, they decide to go out for a date. 

    September 15: Hemcha Kalyan:  A romantic comedy set in the 1970s. 

    Kalyan plays a single mother who falls in love with a man who happens to be her son. 

    October 6:   Dilip Nayar:  The story of a boy, Akshay Kumar, who goes to live with his aunt and stepfather, a man he has never met. 

    Dilap’s father and uncle both die. 

    January 27: Mahavir Bhaiyaram: Based on the Hindi novel ‘The Sun King’. 

    The story follows a young man named Mahavir, who lives a peaceful life in the Punjab. April 10: Lolita: Director Gulshan Khan’s next film. 

     The film will see Shah Rukhsh Khan reprise his role as a Muslim man who is forced to marry a Hindu woman. 

    July 1: Prashant Bhushan:A sequel to the acclaimed Bollywood movie Dilip Nayari, this film follows Prashant, a Hindu man who has to deal with a girl who is attracted to him by her Muslim husband. 

    In the story, Prashan has to work with his parents and his mother. 

    August 23: Tikhar: An adaptation of the popular Indian children’s book, ‘Pamela’. 

    Kurta Kapoor plays a young Hindu boy named Kurta who has fallen in love. 

    An adventure begins as Kurta goes to a Hindu temple in India to make love to his Hindu god. 

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