Posted by James Tiptree-Hughes on September 16, 2018 12:27:01 The film franchise is known for being about people in danger.

    That’s true of most franchises, but in a galaxy far, far away, that’s not what’s happening.

    The story of “Star Wars” is about a young girl named Rey who lives in a planet called Scarif.

    She’s a scavenger, a scavenging girl, and she has to figure out how to survive the scavenging on Scarif and her fellow scavengers who are also scavenging, but she doesn’t have any power over them.

    The way we understand that is by putting the story in the context of the people on Scaris.

    In this sense, it’s the story of the scavengers.

    She has to learn to survive in a world where all she has is a lightsaber.

    She is the one who makes it through the jungle on a stolen starship.

    So when the ship comes back and all her friends have died, she has no one to talk to.

    The scavengers are not the people who die in the film.

    They are the ones who die.

    And the people in the galaxy far far, long away are not all the people you might imagine them to be.

    They’re not all men and women who are on the run.

    They include men and men and boys, and men who have a lot of power, including a guy who is the Emperor.

    These people are called the Jedi.

    The idea is that Rey is a scavengers scavenger and she finds her way through Scarif to find the lightsaber and learn to wield it, and that she is also the one with the power to change the future.

    So it’s a sort of “reboot” of the franchise, but it’s also a “rebuild” of its mythology.

    That mythology has always been a part of “The Force Awakens,” and “The Last Jedi” was written by a group of people who worked on “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”

    They are trying to re-write it.

    This is a new, fresh take on the mythology.

    In that sense, “The last Jedi” is a reboot.

    It’s not a remake.

    It doesn’t change the core story of what happens.

    What does change is the context in which it’s told.

    This movie is telling a story about the Force, and the characters, and what the Force is, and how it operates.

    And that’s a story that’s been told for thousands of years in myth and legend, and “StarWars” is telling the story that the Jedi were the ones with the ability to bring about change and bring about peace.

    They were able to save the galaxy from the Sith Empire and the Jedi Order, and ultimately to save it from the dark side.

    They came to save us from the darkness of the Sith and the dark Jedi.

    So we have the Jedi coming to Earth to do that, and it’s all a sort-of continuation of that story.

    They did come to save our galaxy, but they did it in a way that they could not bring about the Sith or the dark Sith or any other evil, but that they did not destroy the galaxy, because they didn’t know what the dark forces were capable of.

    In the context that the movie is told, this is the first time in “Star wars” history that a Jedi has been sent to help the Rebellion against the dark lord Darth Vader.

    In a way, this was a sort othe of “Rebel” version of “Anakin Skywalker.”

    The Dark Lord of the Empire was the Sith, and we know the Jedi are the Force users, so they’re trying to protect the galaxy against the darkness.

    But in the same way that the Force was used to destroy the Sith once and for all, we now have to be wary of the dark force.

    In our current universe, where the Force has become more and more powerful, the Jedi need to know that they’re still vulnerable to the dark power.

    So that’s what this movie is trying to tell.

    We have to understand that the darkness is still around, and this is a story of how a Jedi can use the Force and the light to try to protect us from that darkness.

    In addition to the Jedi who are there to help us in this movie, we have a whole bunch of other characters in this film.

    The first time we see Luke Skywalker, he’s just a kid, and his father is killed in the first battle.

    He’s raised by his mother, and then he grows up, and he learns to fight.

    But he learns that the Sith are here, and they’re using the Force to fight the Republic.

    And they want to kill him.

    So the kid gets into a fight with a group that has to fight against the Sith.

    He gets killed, and Luke goes off to join the Rebel Alliance.

    He joins up with Rey, and is able to help them defeat the


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