This year saw a record number of concussions for athletes in the NFL, according to a new study.

    The research, which surveyed nearly 50,000 players, also found that players have a higher rate of head trauma than ever before, and they’re more likely to suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which is a degenerative brain disease that can lead to dementia.

    The disease has been linked to repeated concussions.

    The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, the University at Buffalo and the University Medical Center of Hamburg.

    It found that NFL players are twice as likely to have a concussion than their non-playing counterparts, the study authors said in a statement.

    The number of players who suffered a concussion in the study was more than 20,000, or 13% of the total.

    The average time from onset to onset of CTE to death in the US population was about five years, the researchers said.

    The new findings highlight the need for more research on the causes of Cte, which the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates could be caused by repetitive head trauma, as well as head trauma from concussions sustained in the womb.

    It’s not clear why more young athletes are being diagnosed with CTE.

    But the study researchers said that more research is needed to understand why athletes are more likely than other populations to develop CTE and to predict the severity of the disease.

    More to come.


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