You can’t make a film about the British band The Beatles without making it about the Fab Four, so the best way to do that is to use a Beatles song.

    But how can you do that without making the band itself sound like a musical, punk rock band?

    That’s the challenge for director David Kajganich and composer/producer Michael Giacchino.

    And they’ve succeeded.

    In their new film, “The Beatles,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday, the Beatles cover is the most iconic, engaging, and catchy of the three films the duo are making, even if it’s not the most successful of the bunch.

    As with the previous two films, the story is told through the eyes of two men, George Harrison (John Lennon) and Ringo Starr (Paul McCartney).

    They travel to the UK and play gigs at a warehouse to get some cash for a new studio, and they meet a mysterious girl named Lily who they find to be the inspiration for their next band, The Monkees.

    They eventually form The Beatles and record their first hit, “Love Me Do.”

    Their relationship is complicated and they try to make it work.

    The Beatles are the ultimate American musical institution that, according to the Beatles, influenced pop culture and shaped the music industry for generations.

    But there’s something even more appealing about them: they’re also the most bizarre band in pop music history.

    (See: “The Top 10 Weirdest American Music Videos” and “10 Things You Should Know About The Beatles.”)

    Here are the five reasons The Beatles’ story matters.

    The “Beatles” film is a strange and fascinating take on the band, even as it plays to its strengths.

    (The Washington Post) “The Monkees” and the “Beat


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