Posted May 08, 2019 10:33:01 How to make a $1.4-billion movie with $1 billion budget, according to a new study by the National Film Preservation Board.

    “What is the most effective way to produce a $2-billion budget?

    The answer is to get creative,” said NFPB chair Barbara Grosch in a statement.

    The study, which looks at three films made in 2019, is the first to assess how best to make such a budget in 2018.

    Grosch said that the study’s findings suggest that filmmakers should look to the future, not to the past, and the study is meant to give filmmakers “a better idea of what the future may look like.”

    The NFPBs study suggests filmmakers should “focus on making a film that is a unique, transformative experience for audiences, and not a product that they have to sell to consumers.”

    “The key is to make the story unique and transformative for your audience,” Grosnach said.

    While the NFPs report says filmmakers should consider using social media, a spokeswoman for the National Association of Broadcasters told the Associated Press that the agency is not advocating for that.

    According to the report, the most successful film-makers are the ones who create a story that “provides a unique experience to their audiences.”

    For the study, researchers surveyed 100 film-making companies.

    There are two main categories of films to look at in the study.

    One is “non-fiction films,” in which the filmmaker is not trying to sell anything, but rather to explore themes.

    Another category is “comedy films,” which are movies that take place in a realistic setting.

    In 2018, “The Secret Life of Pets” made $3 million.

    Other top-grossing films in 2018 included “The Birth of a Nation,” which made $1 million; “The Great Gatsby,” which had a $500,000 budget; “Life of Pi,” which brought in $1,837,000; “Museo,” which cost $532,000, and “The Girl on the Train,” which earned $2,068,000.

    As part of the study authors, the NFAB and National Film Institute are recommending that film-producing companies follow the NFSB guidelines.


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