On the heels of the announcement that the University of Memphis will be closing its campus for a month in the wake of the 2016 tornado, a group of student activists has posted on a college forum that they want to see “Glory days” and other classic films on the school’s campus again.

    The post on the College Movie Discussion Forum was signed by a group called the ‘Glow Days of Memphis’ group, which describes itself as “the unofficial wing of the university film club.”

    The group claims that “the movie industry is doing all they can to silence us” and says that “it is a shame that the school of the world has not yet decided to cancel this movie festival and/or the annual ‘Glowing Days of the City'” that is being held in Memphis on August 16.

    The group says that it is “calling on all the student film lovers of Memphis to show their support for the Glowing Days and other film festivals to come back and make the movies again” on campus, saying that it has no idea when the next event will take place.

    “We have had many events since the tornado.

    We were in the middle of the film festival.

    I think the festival is going to be canceled at the end of this year.

    We are not sure when it is going back.

    We just need the students to come out and be part of it.

    We need to show the community what we are capable of,” the group said.

    While the group does not want to be called a student organization, the post indicates that the students who signed it were students from the University’s Film Program.

    The poster goes on to say that the “film industry is not interested in the arts and sciences and has taken an anti-humanitarian approach to the arts.”

    The post says that a large number of students have been “sick” of the events and that “there are only so many hours of film a day that can be produced on a university campus.”

    The poster also states that “some of us are sick of the constant negative coverage and negative commentary that comes from the media.”

    “We want to make sure that the GLOW DAYS is not forgotten,” the poster states.

    The students who sign the post claim that the event is “the last one for the students.”

    “The GLOW days are a great way to raise awareness and make sure everyone knows that this is a great place to raise a family and a great time to see films,” the post reads.

    “Glory Nights” was one of the first movies to be released after the tornado hit the city in 2016, and many students were injured by the destructive winds and mudslides.

    However, “Glance Days” was a much more difficult film to film, as it was shot on location in Memphis, not at the University.

    In an email sent to The College Fix, a university spokesperson said that “all of the students and their families involved” will be notified “as soon as possible” of any upcoming screenings.


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