By Emily S. LangerAssociated PressAn increasing number of moviegoers say the festive season is more frightening than the traditional winter festival that takes place in early December.

    According to a report by the MovieLens survey, released Wednesday, nearly a quarter of movie-goers say they are more scared than the holiday season this year.

    A third of movie attendees surveyed said they were more worried than usual this year about their own safety, and a third said they felt the season had become more dangerous.

    Some moviegoers in Canada were more relaxed, with just over a quarter saying they were less scared than usual.

    The moviegoers surveyed were not asked how much they would spend on Halloween decorations, or how much of their annual income they would expect to spend on decorations.

    They were also not asked if they planned to travel to the movies, and were not told how much money they would need to travel for a trip to the theater.

    The survey comes amid heightened concern about the threat of terror attacks in Europe and North America, as well as a growing number of attacks in the United States.

    The poll also found that a third of American moviegoers would consider leaving their home states for a week in order to avoid crowds.


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