On Tuesday, a documentary film about the Holocaust will be shown on BBC Two, in the wake of the mass shooting at the Bataclan theatre in Paris that killed 130 people.

    The film, titled The Story of the Third Reich, has been produced by BBC Films, which will be funded by the British government and will be screened at the Royal Festival Hall.

    It is part of BBC’s Holocaust commemoration programme, which began in 2009, with a programme that featured a screening of the first major Nazi film, Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

    The programme has been supported by a £1.9 million grant from the government, the Royal Society and the BBC’s Arts Fund.

    The first episode of the documentary will be broadcast on BBC2 on March 12.

    The second episode, entitled The Final Solution, will be presented on BBC One on April 3.

    The documentary has been financed by the BBC and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) from the Broadcasting Standards Authority, the body that regulates the content of the BBC.

    The BBC said it had invested heavily in the production, which was made possible by the Arts Fund, the government’s arts and cultural fund.

    “This programme marks the culmination of a four-year process which began with an inquiry into the BBC Films Holocaust documentary, which identified the key questions and opportunities,” said a BBC spokesperson.

    “We hope this is a great example of the power of the arts and how they can make a positive contribution to our collective conversation about the legacy of our darkest period.”

    The BBC has received an additional £1 million grant in 2017-18 from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, which provides grants to universities and non-governmental organisations.

    “The final episode of The Story Of The Third Reich will be the first of a series of documentaries exploring the impact of mass incarceration on contemporary society, as well as the stories of survivors, their families and their communities,” the BBC said.

    “To date, The Story is the only Holocaust documentary produced in the UK that focuses on the legacy and impact of the Nazi persecution of European Jewry.”BBC Films is grateful to the BBC for its support, and for the support of the British Jewish community, which have made this film a truly historic moment.

    “The first film, entitled Hitler’s Secret, premiered in 2012 and was described by the historian and historian Robert Einhorn as “the most compelling and accessible documentary about Hitler ever made”.

    It focused on a group of young men, including a Nazi named Ernst Ritter, who wrote a book in which he claimed that Hitler wanted to behead anyone who disagreed with him.

    The book, which also included Nazi propaganda and a Nazi salute, was banned.

    The German government initially denied the allegations.

    The Holocaust was officially acknowledged by the United Nations in 1948.


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