Cinema Blend has an exclusive look at the upcoming Alien: Convergence, the first trailer of the upcoming sequel to the Alien franchise.

    Check it out in the player above.

    The trailer features a shot of Ripley (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and Newt (Chris Pine) as they enter the Nostromo to meet the Nostradamus, who is currently trying to contact the human race.

    The footage shows the film in its most beautiful moments, with the film looking forward to the conclusion of the Covenant saga.

    In the trailer, the Nostrome is shown to be filled with the bodies of people who had perished in the attack, with a glowing red star on its surface.

    It looks like it’s been waiting to take over for thousands of years, as Ripley and Newt’s faces glow with the presence of the Nostrudence.

    We also get a look at one of the crew members of the Enterprise, which is shown on the deck of the ship in the background.

    The crew member who is the first to arrive on the Enterprise is wearing a green Starfleet uniform.

    The camera pans down to show a large black spaceship.

    This spaceship is clearly an astromech droid, which seems to be an early look at what we can expect from the future of the Alien films.

    The Enterprise is shown taking off, with an impressive look at its exterior.

    The ship is also shown taking on a larger-than-life style, with giant, red “Nostromo” lightships that are clearly seen floating above the ship.

    The scene is a shot from a distance, but the lighting and camera work looks incredible.

    The footage also shows a scene of a large, futuristic-looking ship in space, which looks like a futuristic space station.

    The ship is a red and black design with a huge dome that’s also visible above the ground.

    The Nostromos is shown using a giant red beam to fire laser beams at an alien.

    This is the biggest, most powerful beam in the movie, and the shot is shown in slow motion, with multiple shots of it firing at the alien.

    The shots are shot in slow-mo, and are a great demonstration of how amazing the effects of this massive weapon can look.

    The alien ships are also shown using advanced weaponry, which makes it look like these weapons could be some of the most advanced and powerful weapons ever seen.

    The alien ship is shown firing on the ship, while the crew is seen in the middle of the arena, firing at it with their guns.

    The Alien: Convergence trailer also shows the Covenant ship, which also looks incredibly impressive, and is powered by a giant, giant red, and black dome.

    The shot of the ships crew on the Nostramo also looks impressive, with huge shields covering the ship as well as several of the aliens themselves.

    The shot also shows an Alien on the bridge of the craft, while it looks like the Covenant ships crew is fighting an alien ship.

    Finally, we get a shot looking at the Enterprise crew, who are also armed with the weapons of the future.

    We see Ripley, Newt, and Newt again, with some shots of the two of them on their feet.

    It’s a shot that looks like they’re walking around in a space ship, and there’s even a shot where Newt is fighting off a Covenant ship.

    In terms of Alien:Convergence, we can’t say much about it other than it will have an opening weekend of $35 million.

    That’s a very strong opening for a sequel, but it’ll likely fall well short of the $70 million debut of the original Alien, which grossed $70.5 million on a $80 million budget.

    The second film will likely get about $30 million-$40 million, and then $25 million-$30 million.

    The film has been in development for almost a decade, with its producers and stars working on the project.

    Ridley Scott will be directing the film, which was originally announced as Alien: Resurrection.

    The film was released on February 17, 2018, and it’s currently set to open on April 27, 2019.


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